a new marketplace for media

mediAgora defines a fair, workable market model that works with the new realities of digital media, instead of fighting them.

  • Creators should be credited and rewarded for their work.
  • Works can be incorporated into new creative works.
  • When they are, all source works should be credited and rewarded.
  • Customers should pay a known price.
  • Successful promotion of work should be rewarded too.
  • Individuals can play multiple roles - Creator, Promoter, Customer
  • Prices and sales figures should be open
  • Relationships are based on trust and reputation
  • Copy protection destroys value
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ready for mediAgora

Jack Rusher:
Suggestions presented by non-technical persons typically hinge on central control and accounting of the public Internet. The Internet was designed in such a way as to make this entirely unpracticable. Central planning is not a robust solution to these, or most other, problems.

The survival of the unit sale mechanism depends upon the creation of a robust micropayment system that will provide the market lubrication necessary to reduce the cost of legal acquisition until cheating is more effort than it%u2019s worth. There will, of course, still be piracy in that future, but it will be lost in the noise of commerce.