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mediAgora defines a fair, workable market model that works with the new realities of digital media, instead of fighting them.

  • Creators should be credited and rewarded for their work.
  • Works can be incorporated into new creative works.
  • When they are, all source works should be credited and rewarded.
  • Customers should pay a known price.
  • Successful promotion of work should be rewarded too.
  • Individuals can play multiple roles - Creator, Promoter, Customer
  • Prices and sales figures should be open
  • Relationships are based on trust and reputation
  • Copy protection destroys value
Monday, November 03, 2003

TeledyN: How to Slay the RIAA

TeledyN: How to Slay the RIAA: Music is not like painting or playwriting or really most of the other arts: Music is intimately temporal, epherimal, abstract and fluid. Music is here one moment, gone the next, and in the days before the mass-distribution recording, we expected music to be fresh, even the old favourites. As John Cage noticed when they first started to compare the electrical signals on recording wires, it is impossible for even the finest performer to exactly replicate a prior performance; John says he stopped listening to recorded music the day he attended a performance of some orchestral piece and a small boy seated behind him told his father afterward, 'That's not how it goes!' -- records are only that, a record, a snapshot of some moment in time, a moment past, stale, for the most part, forgotten as the artist has already moved on to something new.

With all this free sample music out there, constantly replenished and refreshed, sure there's lots for a small rural radio station to pilfer for their ads, but remember, if we ensure the meta-data is accurate and leaves a clear trail back to the artists, then there's no excuse for commercial or public uses of the music not to contact the performer and arrange for a custom deal.

It's all those custom deals that create friction and barriers to entry. How about a uniform, fair deal, like mediAgora offers?