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  • Creators should be credited and rewarded for their work.
  • Works can be incorporated into new creative works.
  • When they are, all source works should be credited and rewarded.
  • Customers should pay a known price.
  • Successful promotion of work should be rewarded too.
  • Individuals can play multiple roles - Creator, Promoter, Customer
  • Prices and sales figures should be open
  • Relationships are based on trust and reputation
  • Copy protection destroys value
Saturday, August 25, 2007

Help me write a blog post

Tom Coates wrote about the history of blog commenting:
I feel like my grandfather when I lurch into language like this, but in those days when people wanted to respond to someone else's post, they wrote something on their own sites and stuck in a link. In many ways I think that we should have stuck with that way of handling communication through webloggia, that we should have dug around and find new ways to optimise that process (รก la Technorati), but when I look online today it's not where we find ourselves. One way or another we have to make do and work to improve the environment in which we find ourselves.
I seem to have been engaging in what Tim Oren calls 'old fart blogging' a bit this week too, but here we go again. What I remember from my early blogging experience was having conversations on group blogs with multiple authors, like Gonzo Engaged and the
Small Pieces gang blog
- we'd add multiple authors and post our conversations to the same blog as separate posts.
I did finally turn on comments on my main blog
when I adopted the new hAtom Blogger templates, and fingers crossed they will stay relatively spam-free.
Using Google Docs yesterday, I noticed that there is a new 'publish to blog' feature that works with multiple blogging services, so collaboratively edited blog posts with change histories and inline notes can be made, re-edited and republished. This sounds like yet another way of having multiple authors, and worth trying. Do please help me expand on this post about blogging and commenting and conversation.

Click here to edit this with me in Google Docs (it won't get published back here again until I hit re-publish there)

Hm, this is odd, it won't work on epeus, only on mediagora - it seems to be using the old Blogger API, not the new Atom one, and not letting me select a blog reliably.

I think it depends on how you (the generic 'you') view your blog: are you firing off idea bursts into the void for other people to pick up or not, or are you trying to promote an ongoing discussion? coComment can help with aggregating conversations from diverse sites, but I haven't played with it to see how well it works in practice versus collaborative editing of blog posts or groupblogs or commenting directly on posts. -Steven Kaye 8/25/07

It says in the very top: "edited on August 27, 2007 7:33 AM by Richard Eriksson". It's currently 2: